Adding a Data Explorer snapshot

A snapshot stores the state of a Data Explorer session, saving the details of:

  • the dataset
  • any property values selected
  • the selected geographical area
  • the time range selected

This enables you to share this multi-dimensional filter with other Platform users and to organize the insights you've discovered into groups.

Note to create or edit snapshots and add them to a gallery, you need administrator access; see Managing users for more information.

Creating a snapshot

In the Data Explorer, when you have a session state that you want to save:

  1. Select your gallery:
    • Click on the Snapshot Manager button

      This opens a gallery. You can add the snapshot to:

    • this gallery; follow step 2
    • a different gallery by clicking the Gallery Selector and:
      • choosing the gallery from the list, or
      • creating a new gallery
  2. Select the card:
    • On your chosen gallery, you can add the snapshot to an existing card or you can create a new card
  3. Add the snapshot:
    • Click on Save a snapshot in a gallery, adding a title and description to summarize the Data Explorer session state you have saved

If required, you can add this snapshot to another card in this gallery or to other galleries.

Editing a snapshot, card or gallery

You can edit the name of a snapshot, card or gallery by:

  • opening the Snapshot Manager in the Data Explorer:

  • clicking the edit button on the sidebar when viewing the gallery on the dashboard:

If you want to change the multi-dimensional filter captured by the snapshot, you will need to create a new snapshot.

Deleting a snapshot, card or gallery

If you want to delete a:

  • snapshot or a card, including its snapshots, click on the black cross on the top right hand corner of the item

  • gallery, including its cards and snapshots, click on the trashcan on the gallery editing screen