Managing users

The Accounts tab on the dashboard enables you to:

  • invite new users
  • edit existing accounts, including changing their role
  • delete user accounts

You need to be an Administrator to see this tab and to manage accounts.


You can assign one of the following roles to a Platform account:

  • Administrator: this role has full access to the data ingested into the Platform
  • User: this role has read-only access to all Data Explorer galleries
  • View Shared Gallery: this role has read-only access to just one gallery that you specify when inviting them. This gallery can only be changed by an administrator. Use this role when you want to restrict access to your datasets






create / edit / delete



create / edit / delete



View shared gallery
(permissions for a specific gallery)

Note: this permissions model is not applied when accessing the ingested data using Tableau; see Using Tableau to run SQL queries for further information about accessing your data using this tool.

Creating a Platform user account

You create a Platform user account by sending an invitation email to the individual, that contains the instructions for setting up the account. This invitation remains valid for a short period of time (a number of days), after which the link in the email no longer works. If the user still requires Platform access, you can resend the invitation.

Setting the initial gallery for the account

To specify the initial gallery that the invited user sees when they first log in, you can invite them to a specific gallery. A preview of the gallery is included in the invitation email. Once logged in, users and administrators can then switch to any other gallery. However, an account with a View Shared Gallery role is restricted to the gallery specified in their invitation.

See Accessing your galleries for more information about galleries.