Analyzing your data

The GeoSpock Spatial Big Data Platform provides you with the following programmatic tools for analyzing the data you have ingested.


Analyzing data using SQL

The Spatial Big Data Platform has an SQL cluster providing you with the capability to analyze the data that you have ingested into the Platform. This enables you to get in-depth results using SQL queries.

For guidance on how to get started running SQL queries on your data, see Analyzing your data using SQL.

The analytics API

For an introduction, see Getting started with the Analytics API.

The Analytics API is available as both a Scala library and Python library that enables you to use general analytics on a data ingested into the Spatial Big Data Platform, referred to as the Platform.

The Analytics API gives you programmatic access to your ingested data to create bespoke data queries and extract source input data. You can load data from any geo-temporal region into a dataset in parallel and then explore your data using standard query language constructs, such as SQL.

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