Filtering your dataset

To gain insights into your dataset, you can filter the data in a number of ways, by:

  • Using property filters
  • Enabling geofences
  • Resetting your filters

Using property filters

If you want to work with a subset of the data, for example to focus on a category of events, you can select specific property values to include in the Data Explorer's multi-dimensional filter. The check box at the end of the property value's row controls whether it is included or excluded from the events shown on the map.

To select:

  • only one property value, click on its name or bar chart. This excludes all other values for this property in one action
  • a specific set of property values, select the first property value by clicking on its name, then add each of the other values to your selection by clicking their check boxes
  • all of the property values, click All... or Any...

Alternatively, if you want to exclude one or more properties from the filter, select all the property values, then de-select the check box for each of the values you want to exclude.

The following example shows the bus route data in and around Cambridge. The filter applied to these property values includes four bus routes (PR2, PR4, PR and PR5), and excludes the data for all other bus routes.

Enabling geofences

You can enable geofences by clicking on the following symbol:

This displays a virtual perimeter circle around the location of each point of interest. You can set the size of the geofence using the Radius in km setting. If you have applied a filter, both the map and statistics dynamically update as you change the size of the geofence.

You can then filter on the data points which are:

  • Included: This filters on the data points which fall inside each of the geofences around the visible location points on the map
  • Not included: This displays the data points which fall outside of each of the geofences around the visible location points on the map

Viewing applied filters

You can see which filters you are currently applying by looking at the filter bar, located above the map:

In this example, the filter bar shows that the following filters are in use:

  • for Direction, the Inbound property has been selected
  • the Addenbrookes stop has been filtered out
  • only points within the 200 meter geofence around Cambridge bus hubs are included

Note the filter bar also shows the time period you have selected.

Resetting filters

If you want to remove:

  • all filters and start again, click the RESET ALL button on the filter bar. Note, this does not reset the view of the map, but will reset the time range if you have changed the time range.
  • a specific filter, on the filter bar, click the cross at the side of the filter details.