Time series comparison

This view presents time trend charts for individual property values, in addition to the time trend usually located beneath the map, including any filters that you have applied. It can also show time trend charts for every data layer with a timestamp in your dataset.

In the example below, in addition to the time trend chart for taxi routes, charts are shown for both pickups and dropoffs, enabling you to compare the trends for each of these data layers.

To enable a time series chart for a:

On the time series charts, you can:

  • zoom in and out to decrease or increase the time range, by scrolling on your mouse or trackpad
  • drag the time series charts to view a different part of the time range, by clicking and dragging the chart to the left or right using your mouse or trackpad

If you apply more filters, these time series comparison charts update dynamically.

Viewing time-of-day series comparison charts

If you want to compare data layers or properties on a 24 hour time trend chart, click the time-of-day chart button at the bottom of the screen; see Time-of-day chart for more information.

Fitting all events into a range

After applying filters and selecting an area of the map, you may find that your data points are clustered in a small time frame:

To focus on these data points, you can use the Fit all events in range button

The chart adjusts so the time range starts with the first event and finishes with the last event: