Integrating your third party tools

Once you have ingested your data into the GeoSpock database, you can use your exisiting data analysis tools to run queries on your data. This enables you to integrate the GeoSpock database into your data analysis workflows. The tools listed in this documentation is not exhaustive; if you encounter any difficulties integrating an exisiting tool with the GeoSpock database, contact technical support.

Integration examples

For examples of how to integrate BI tools with the GeoSpock database, see These examples include the use of:

  • Tableau (with visualizations): A tutorial showing how to run GeoSpock DB queries on an example dataset using Tableau, and visualize the results inside Tableau using the extension
  • Python in Jupyter notebooks: A tutorial demonstrating how to query and analyze a GeoSpock DB dataset with Python code in a Jupyter notebook, including map visualization with the Jupyter widget
  • Apache Spark™ in Zeppelin notebooks: A tutorial demonstrating how to integrate GeoSpock DB queries into an Apache Spark™ analysis, inside a Zeppelin notebook. This tutorial provides example code in both Python and Scala, and includes a visualization with the Zeppelin Leaflet plugin
  • map visualization: This tutorial contains all the code and example data for a self-contained web app built around, that visualizes the results of a GeoSpock DB query. Use this example as the starting point for interactive Kepler visualizations of your GeoSpock DB datasets
  • CesiumJS 3D world simulation: This tutorial contains all the code and data for a self-contained web app that uses CesiumJS to create a 3D city simulation in the browser, populated with animated vehicles playing back tracking data queried from GeoSpock DB. Use as the starting point for your own GeoSpock DB-powered 3D world simulations
  • GeoSpock DB queries from JavaScript: an NPM module, presto-client-browser, which you can use to run GeoSpock DB queries in your own JavaScript browser apps. For example usage, refer to the Kepler and Cesium examples above, which both use the module to query their datasets

Creating queries using BI tools

You can run SQL queries on the GeoSpock database using the following Business Intelligence (BI) tools:

Presto CLI access to the GeoSpock database

Refer to the documentation about Running GeoSpock database queries from the Presto CLI for guidance on how to use this CLI tool with the GeoSpock database.