Viewing your running SQL queries from Tableau

The Presto UI provides useful information about the state of SQL queries that you have run from Tableau, including the:

  • number of active workers
  • rows per second being processed
  • number of queued queries
  • number of blocked queries

For further information about the Presto UI, refer to the official documentation.

Connecting to the Presto UI

You can access the Presto UI on the master node at port 8889 by using port forwarding.

To use port forwarding to access the Presto UI in a new terminal, use the following command to forward port 8889 of your master to a local port, such as 8157:

ssh -i ~/.ssh/geospock.pem -o 'ProxyCommand=ssh -i ~/.ssh/geospock.pem -W %h:%p ec2-user@<bastion-address>' -N -L 8157:127.0.1:8889 hadoop@<presto-deployment-address>

You can then access the Presto UI from any local web browser at address http://localhost:8157