About GeoSpock DB Discovery

GeoSpock DB Discovery provides a way to experience the power of GeoSpock DB without having to pay any license fees.

Typically available for a short trial period, Discovery gives you control of your own query engine and allows you to run queries using standard ANSI SQL against a range of pre-selected datasets.

There is no limit to the queries you can run, nor the size of the cluster you manage.

How it works

GeoSpock DB runs on AWS. You will need an AWS account into which Discovery can be deployed.

Discovery Architecture

The GeoSpock DB Discovery query cluster runs in your AWS account, while the data itself is hosted in a dedicated account managed by GeoSpock. Your deployment will automatically be configured to read the data from GeoSpock's account.

Discovery is deployed using AWS CloudFormation, from a template that you can access once your trial is activated. Once deployed, you can integrate your tools through a standard JDBC/ODBC connection.

How much will it cost?

While GeoSpock DB Discovery is available without license fees, you will be responsible for your AWS costs over the duration of the trial.

You stay in control of these costs at all times - deploy, resize, and tear down your deployments as you wish throughout the course of your access period.

Charges include cluster running costs and data access/transfer costs. Running costs are a little more than $0.25 per hour for each machine in your query cluster. Additional charges for network traffic out of your AWS account or out of the supported region will depend on the number of queries and the amount of data retrieved.

AWS requirements

You will need an AWS account. A separate subaccount is recommended, but not essential. You will need to supply the AWS account number when you register for the trial, so that access can be granted to the necessary resources.

Your AWS IAM User (or Role) will need permissions to create and modify certain resources in that account. The account will also need the appropriate quota (limits) to allow for a cluster of m5.xlarge machines to be provisioned, depending on the size of cluster you wish to use. Note that m5.xlarge machines each require 4 vCPUs, so for example, a limit of 36 vCPUs in your account would limit you to 1 coordinator machine and 8 workers.

Authentication and Security

Connection to the database requires no user authentication, so there is no need for individuals to have their own credentials, and no administrative overhead of user management.

It is quite possible for more than one person from your organization to connect to your GeoSpock DB Discovery deployment, but please note that for security reasons, connections need to be restricted to designated IP address ranges.


Note that GeoSpock logs all access to the shared resources and monitors which deployments and which AWS accounts are accessing those resources. The individuals running queries from your deployments cannot be identified however.


You can register for a free trial of GeoSpock DB Discovery from the main GeoSpock website.