Preparing your environment

The GeoSpock database will be installed into your AWS account by GeoSpock engineers, who will typically assume a Role in your account with sufficient privileges to perform the installation.

Please note the following considerations before the installation can proceed:

AWS account setup

It is recommended that a dedicated sub-account is created for the GeoSpock database deployment. This sub-account will need to be able to spin up several machines (see The GeoSpock database architecture). Please set service quotas to at least 300 General Purpose On-Demand vCPUs in advance of the installation.

Create the IAM role

To perform the installation, GeoSpock engineers will assume a Role in the nominated AWS account. An IAM Role with suitable privileges will need to be created (or an existing Role identified) before the installation. GeoSpock can advise on the minimal policy required for a successful installation.

GeoSpock engineers will supply their ARNs - please add these users to the Role, so that they can install the GeoSpock database in the selected AWS account.

Setting up an Identity Provider

An Identity Provider must already exist and be appropriately configured before the installation. In particular, a "root user" - the one account that is to start with administrative access - must have been created already. For more information on setting up an Identity Provider, see Authentication and authorization.

License key

As part of the deployment process, GeoSpock will generate a license key. Licenses are tied to specific AWS accounts. Please be prepared to supply the account number for the sub-account being used for the deployment.

Deploying the database

GeoSpock engineers will assume the role in your account and install the database in your AWS environment. For more information, see Deploying GeoSpock DB.