Describing CSV format data

The following table shows the properties you must provide in a data source description for each data field in a location, event, or properties block with CSV format data.

Setting Description
id The name for the column in the database table
Example: organization_id
The ID specified should contain only numbers, lowercase letters and underscores and should start with a lowercase letter.
sourceFieldIndex The column index for this field in the source data
purpose (Optional)
This setting enables you to identify the following fields for specialized indexing:
- latitude
- longitude
- source_id
See Special fields for more information.
sqlType The SQL data type for this field. For more information about the data types supported, see Types of data.
Example: VARCHAR

For example:

            "id": "organization_id",
            "sourceFieldIndex": 8,
            "purpose": "SOURCE_ID",
            "sqlType": "VARCHAR"

Data validation

For CSV format data, each row will be split according to its tabularFormatSeparator. Fields that reference a column index that does not exist will associate NULL to that field’s value.

Empty values will be interpreted as NULL (the validity of this is based on its field specification).