New features in 3.1

GeoSpock DB is a cloud-based solution that processes big data and makes it available for analysis, enabling you to find patterns and trends in your data. New features for 3.1 are present in the following areas:

  • process your data: the GeoSpock DB includes a command line interface (CLI) to enable you to manage your data, and user accounts; see Process
  • query your ingested data: the GeoSpock DB's SQL interface gives you access to your data for analysis; see Query

Support for AWS VPC without access to the internet

GeoSpock DB can now be installed in VPCs without internet gateway. see The GeoSpock database in VPCs without internet.

Support for existing identity providers

This version further integrates your existing identity provider, so that you do not have to create database user accounts for all your existing users to be able to access the ingested data; see User authentication and authorization in the GeoSpock database for more information. Currently, GeoSpock DB supports the following identity providers:

  • AWS Cognito
  • LDAP
  • OpenID Identity Providers


GeoSpock DB's data management process is driven programmatically through a command line tool, the GeoSpock CLI, that enables you ingest your data and manage your datasets (The GeoSpock CLI). Using the GeoSpock CLI, you can perform the following additional actions in GoeSpock DB 3.1: - control both user and dataset administration rights; see Managing administrator access


GeoSpock DB 3.1 now supports User Defined Functions for customizing your queries; see Deploying and using UDFs