Using Power BI to run SQL queries

Power BI is a business analytics service by Microsoft, that provides interactive visualizations and a business intelligence interface for creating reports and dashboards.

Supported versions

You can use the Desktop version of Power BI (Windows only) to connect to GeoSpock database, over an ODBC connection. Power BI recommends using Simba’s ODBC driver.

ODBC configuration settings

To connect to GeoSpock database using Power BI, select ODBC and use the following settings:

Field Description
Data source name (DSN) Simba Presto
Connection string (non-crediential properties) Port=<port>;Host=<host>;URL=https://<host>:<port>; Where: <port> = 8446 <host> = the hostname of GeoSpock database: sqlaccess.<database_domain_name> So, for example, if your platform domain is, <host> would be:
SQL statement (optional) enter your SQL query here
Username Your GeoSpock database username
Password The password for your GeoSpock database account
Credential connection string properties SSL=1;AuthenticationType=LDAP Authentication;

For more information about Power BI, refer to the Microsoft documentation.