Using QuickSight to run SQL queries

Amazon QuickSight is a cloud-based business intelligence service, that you can use to run custom SQL queries on your ingested data. For more information about QuickSight and its capabilities, refer to the AWS documentation.

Creating a QuickSight data set

When creating a QuickSight new data set from the ingested data, select Presto as the source and use the following configuration settings:

Setting Description
Data source name A descriptive name for this data source
Database server The hostname of GeoSpock database; for example: sqlaccess.<platform_domain_name> So, for example, if your platform domain is, set Database server to:
Port 8446
Catalog geospock
Username Your GeoSpock database username
Password The password for your GeoSpock database account
Enable SSL Enable this option

For further guidance about how to create a QuickSight data set, refer to the AWS documentation.