Using Tableau to run SQL queries

Tableau is an interactive data visualization and analysis BI tool, that you can use to run SQL queries using the GeoSpock database. You can connect Tableau using an LDAP username and password; refer to the Tableau documentation for further guidance.

For examples of how to integrate this tool with the GeoSpock database, see

Visualizing your results using the Kepler extension

To plot the results of your Tableau analysis in map view, you can use the extension; see the documentation for further information.

Configuring your Tableau connection

Use the following settings to configure this connection:

Parameter Value
Server The hostname of the cluster; for example sqlaccess.<platform _domain_name>. So, for example, if your platform domain is, you would set Server to:
Port 8446
Catalogue geospock
Schema Leave this field blank
Authentication LDAP
Username Your GeoSpock database username
Password The password for your GeoSpock database account
Require SSL enabled

Note: After signing in, you may get the following error:

SQLAccess Error

If you encounter this error, try signing in again but give the connection a few minutes to finish establishing with the GeoSpock database before starting to run queries.

If the problem persists, contact your database administrator.